Monday, September 15, 2008

Sarah Palin's World Travels

Even though vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin has only had her passport since last year, she has traveled the world extensively. This, it seems, adds to her credibility as an experienced politician ready to lead. What with Russia so close to her that she can practically see it from her house (my words not hers), she probably has more foreign policy experience than George Bush (low bar, I know.) He could only see Mexico.

So the McCain/Palin campaign has disseminated the following past travel destinations for Palin.
  1. Ireland (Turns out it was only a 1 hour stopover for re-fueling on the trip to Kuwait)
  2. Iraq (This has been proven to be false... are you surprised?)
  3. Kuwait (She was there for two days visiting troops from Alaska-stayed on base for 1-1/2 days but was never in the field)
  4. Germany (A quick stop on the return flight to visit wounded Alaskan soldiers)
  5. Mexico (Turns out it was a family vacation)
  6. Canada (No word on where, why or how often)
Let's see, I've been to:
  • Canada for a total of 8 weeks (at least)
  • Bermuda for a total of 3 weeks
  • Bahamas for a total of 1 week.
Does this qualify me as VP material? Oh, and I was a hockey mom, too. I even played for 30 years. But alas, I don't wear lipstick. And I knew what the Bush Doctrine was. I guess I'm out.

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